11th March 2017
University of East London, ENGLAND

Photography competition

Photography competition
deadline: 30th September 2016

This is a unique chance for students to exhibit their work in front of a large audience at an academic conference. Please find the rules and terms of  submission underneath and in the ‘Photography Competition’ file.

Have you taken a photograph that needs to be shared with the world? Then this is your chance to have your image exhibited in front of a large audience and gain recognition! Furthermore, prizes will be issued to top entries.
This competition is open to all current undergraduate students and student graduating this year from any university in all academic disciplines.
Accepted will be photographs taken in a developed or developing country but it is essential that these deliver a strong image.

Photography submission

Photography submission

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In order to submit the photography please use the template underneath. Do not forget to fill in your details.


Photography Submission Form



Photographs should loosely relate to any of the themes from the Call For Papers. Please refer to this list as guideline:

-  War, Conflict and Migration
-  Power and Gender Inequalities in Society
-  Governance, Institutions and State Building
-  Civil Society, Social Movements and Grassroots Organizations
-  Importance and Influence of the Third Sector
-  Population Growth, Resources, Environment
-  Sustainable Development, Energy, Climate Change
-  Food and Agriculture, Food Security
-  Cultural and Social Transformation, Role of Social Media
-  European and International Human Rights Law / Theories of Justice
-  Tourism Impact
-  Sustainable Development Goals