11th March 2017
University of East London, ENGLAND

Paper guidelines

Paper guidelines
deadline: 30th September 2016

If your paper has been selected for panel presentation, please find the rules and terms of
submission underneath and in the ‘Call for Papers’ file.

The following are prerequisites

The following are prerequisites for papers to be considered:

- Papers, which could be new work or based on previous essays should not exceed 2000-5000 words and dissertations should not exceed 6000 words.
-  The following information should be given on the front page of the paper: title of paper, name of the author, e-mail address, current status and university. Please use the paper submission form provided below.
-  As you can see, the abstract should be reproduced at the begining of the full-lenght text.
-  The bibliography should be placed at the end of the paper; footnotes ahould appear at the bottom of the relevant page.

Bibliographical references should be checked for accuracy.

The paper should be sent to organization@uel-undergraduate-conference.co.uk with the subject ‘Draft’ or ‘Final Paper’ of the email.

In order to submit the paper please use the template underneath. Do not forget to fill in your details.


Paper Submission Form


Some advice for a good paper

Some advice for a good paper:



- Use the introduction to set out clearly how you intend to answer the research question or hypothesis.

Main body

Main body

- Follow the steps set out in the introduction.
- Relate back to the question on a regular basis, don't drift off the topic and inform the reader what you are doing and where you are going with the discussion.
- Stick to a clear theme throughout.
- Establish the relevance of the material you use. Clearly set out views of the theorists under consideration.
- Be fair to each side in a debate.
- Write clearly, ensure sentences are grammatically correct and spell check the work.



- No new material should appear in the conclusion, sum up the argument and relate it to the question.
- Come down on one side of the debate if you like, or explain why you feel unable to do so.



- All quotations must be referenced (this includes page numbers).
- A comprehensive bibliography (in alphabetical order by the author's surname) must be given at the end of the essay.
- Please use the Harvard Referencing System.

If you need to shorten your dissertation or paper to be within the word limit you can:

- Shorten the methodology. One paragraph is enough.
- Remove footnotes and appendixes.
- Cut the literature review and remove unnecessary information.
- You should however make sure that your main argument remains clear and  runs from the start till the end.