11th March 2017
University of East London, ENGLAND

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions
90 minutes long /  consist of  presentations


Each presenter should give a 10 minute presentation. You may use e.g. PDF file, Powerpoint, Prezi etc to support your talk.  Please do not exceed this time limit or we will have to stop you.


After all presentations have been heard the audience will be given the chance to ask questions and/or give feedback.
Please be prepared for this. A Chairperson will be present throughout the Plenary Sessions, signaling to you when your time is up and heading the discussion.

Some advice for a good presentation

Some advice for a good presentation:

-  Your presentation should entail the key points of your paper: your research problem/question, your main arguments and your conclusion.
-  Talk to the audience rather than reading from a prepared script.
-  Try to speak clearly, audibly and at a steady pace. Speak slower than you would in a normal conversation and avoid becoming faster.
-  Don't hide behind the computer.
-  Smile:)

And advice for visual presentation:

And advice for visual presentation:

-  Use light colours on a dark background and vice-versa so that the slide is easy to read.
-  Do not overuse animations as this will direct the audience's attention away from your message.
-  Do not use too many different fonts and try to avoid a font that is too small or fancy.
-  Do not place too many words on a slide.